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PT Portal app

An app for personal trainers

So your reading this review because you’re a personal trainer, right? Well, let’s get the obvious and most important questions out the way first.

How Can an App for Personal Trainers Help Me?

There are many that have tried to develop an app that personal trainers can use to make themselves more efficient but many of them are to be honest clunky, and unusable.

Personal training as a whole industry needs a technology overhaul to keep up with the demands of the fast paced life you and your clients lead in this modern world. I recently heard that teachers here in the UK are using twitter for giving out homework to their students for crying out loud! Schools and teachers are keeping up with technology to help them reach out to students better, so why should personal trainers be any different?

Founders of PT Portal

Founders of PT Portal, Simon and Pascal

The personal training software from PT Portal, (founded by Simon and Pascal) is a new app for trainers that I discovered as I was trawling through the blogosphere. So I couldn’t resist in helping any PT’s out there by writing a little about apps for personal trainers which on first glance looks like a great idea! So here it is my PT Portal app review…

Give ‘Us’ Clients the feeling of Value for Money

Now personal trainers aren’t cheap and as a paying client a while back, I was having a training session once a week for a couple of months before I packed it in.

Does that sound familiar to you personal trainers out there? Probably.

One of the reasons why I see people not sticking with personal trainers and myself included is because, as good as that 1 hour session is, I always wanted more help throughout the week i.e more value for money. Cause we all know 1 training session isn’t going to do jack, if you don’t back it up! (Paying for another session wasn’t the answer for me).

So when I saw this app I thought what a great idea and wished my personal trainer could have tried apps! This way I would have easier and better interaction with them and thus given me a feeling of better value for money. This won’t result in more hassle or a great deal more time as this app will save you time in other areas, as I will explain below.

How Does This Particular App Work?

The best way to demonstrate this is to you is to show you PT Portals very own video below.

Direct Benefits for Your Clients

Basically every client from now on that you get on board can be registered with PT Portal and they then get automatically given their own personal trainer app which will be connected up with your app in a very friendly social media oriented interface.

The client will be able to book and pay for sessions, record workouts, set by you or not, see their progress as they achieve their goals, share their achievements with you and friends. That’s right your clients will post their personal bests, photos on facebook using this app, so this app could double up as a marketing tool as well! For them it it’s great because it keeps them motivated to achieve their goals to show off to their friends.


Benefits for Personal Trainers That Can Be Passed onto Their Clients

If I haven’t persuaded you personal trainers out their yet then these extra features just might.

Automate admin: I can imagine that personal trainers aren’t ones for working behind a computer all day long. Why would you be, otherwise you would of chosen a career where you would be resigned to a cubicle by yourself on the fifty second floor. So to free up more of your time to actually train more people more often, this app relieves some of the admin work involved with the day to day struggle.

Build Your Brand: With this app your happy clients can leave testimonials and this in turn will help with referrals. It will make you look more professional and clients will be able to find you by a click of a button.

There are other cool features such as being able to create your own online shop too!

Final Verdict: As a previous client I would just like to say this sounds like a good step forward for the industry and I can definitely see this helping personal trainers out to become more professional, efficient and for me personally as a client, a better value for money outfit.

If there are other apps for personal trainers out there that you would like me to compare with the PT Portal app then leave a message below. Or better still if you have already used other applications like this, then let me know and contribute a blog post review to this site, cheers! 

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